Your WHY will define your success!!!

Date 2020-07-23-2020-07-23
Location63 Lincoln Street, Boston, Bellville

Consider this…

The real issue is less about what, when and how, but much more about WHY. When you have a real compelling enough reason WHY, then you can have the healthy body you want. Come and let us discover your WHY and create the motivation for success.

YES – You must have a good enough reason and only then will losing weight becomes effortless.

So many failed attempts… if only the motivation was stronger. Maybe it was not that the motivation was lacking, but rather that the REASON for wanting to lose the weight was not strong enough.

Motivation comes from the inside being the REASON why you want to lose weight and remember being thin is not the a real reason for wanting to lose weight. Find a reason to succeed and make it BIG! Bigger and larger than everything else and then you will succeed in losing weight.

Come and join me and lets talk about finding your WHY and lets look at how your current habits are impacting on your life and how you can create the healthy life you deserve. Believe it, you can change and there is a system that can help you to change.

Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy spirit, healthy life!

This event is part 1 of a 4 part series.

Booking can be done here.

Sessions will start at 19H00 and participants can start to join at 16H45.

Exchange for session: R 150-00
Date: Thursday 23 July at 19H00 to approximately 20H00
Location: Online

Booking can be done here.

What you will need:

  1. Secure and stable internet connection.
  2. Laptop, PC or smartphone.
  3. Platform that will be used is ZOOM. (Click here for more information on ZOOM)
  4. For best results you may want to use a headset.
  5. A quiet place where you will be safe and undisturbed.

Once you have booked you will receive further information on logistics to ensure you have a great experience.

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