Why Eat!

Weight loss from the inside out.

How looking inside makes all the difference on the outside

Having problems with your weight? Tried every conceivable diet and yet you are always on some form of diet? Have you read everything there is to read on the subject? Starved yourself, just to put everything back and then some more? YES
Do you ever wonder why all this effort has not made a difference?

Consider this…

The real issue in losing weight is less about what, when and how much you eat but much, much more about WHY you EAT. Looking good on the outside has nothing to do with how good you feel on the inside.
Unless you understand and change your inner motivation strategy to eat, no effort to lose weight can succeed.

Understanding the problem…How has that worked for you?

Is it not amazing that when you have a problem with your weight you know everything that there is to losing weight, having had first hand experience, following every conceivable diet, reading every book or article promising some kind of relief. YES YOU KNOW.

How has this knowing helped? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  Maybe the only impact the search to understanding the problem better, has had is to shift focus more and more on the problem.

It does not take much to know where the focus should be!

When moving forward and away from the outside (all the dieting, exercises, starving etc) and starting to explore the why, looking inside it becomes easier to make sustainable changes. Changing focus will make the difference.

Trying is not succeeding – Staying motivated is key

So many failed attempts… if only the motivation was stronger. Maybe it was not that the motivation was lacking, but rather that the REASON for wanting to lose the weight was not strong enough. YES – You must have a good enough reason and only now losing weight becomes effortless. Motivation comes from the inside being the REASON why you want to lose weight and remember being thin is not the a real reason for wanting to lose weight. Find a reason to succeed and make it BIG! Bigger and larger than everything else and then you will succeed in losing weight.

Losing weight can be as simple as following 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Decide WHAT you want to achieve.
    Be specific and set measurable goals with a definite timeline.
    Ask yourself; “How will you know you have achieved what you want?”
  2. Decide WHY you want to achieve it. Find the REAL reason for wanting to achieve this goal.
  3. Just go for it with everything you got! Massive action

With the help of a skilled coach utilizing various mind techniques you can truly discover WHAT it is that you want, WHY you want it and HOW you can achieve it.

When you start on the inside you will notice how everything on the outside changes.