Atomic Wellness System

What if you could have a healthy body, feeling attractive, fit, and full of vitality?
How would you look? How would you feel? What rewards and satisfactions would you enjoy? What habits would you pursue on a daily basis? What would you be doing now that you haven’t done in the past? How could your life be different?

The Atomic Wellness system is more than just another weight loss program. This holistic program offers you a systematic approach to better health and well-being. You too can have increased physical and mental energy, improved health and feel better about yourself and life.

With the help of professional coaching team and effective mind techniques backed up by a health nutritional plan (HealthPointe2.1) that has more than 30 years of clinical backing and more than 10 Million case studies to show, you can have the success you want.

The system is proven, practical and systematic, No drugs, No gimmicks, No cravings.


Do I need to do Lots of Exercise?

NO – to assist in optimal weight loss and well-being, it is always necessary to do a certain amount of activity but it is not required that you spend hours in the gym doing excessive strenuous exercise. All that is required is to increase your normal daily activity by 10,000 steps.

Is this a Diet?

This is not a diet, nor does it utilise any dietary pills or fads or the concept of low fat diet as these generally only work as a temporary measure and one soon returns to your original weight and in many cases people put on additional weight.

How long is the program?

The program is done in 45 day cycles and depending on how much you want to adjust your weight you may need to repeat the cycle. During the 45 day cycle, men can expect to lose up to 10kg or more and women can expect to lose up to 8kg and more. *However this can not be seen as a guarantee as it is important to know that outcomes may vary from person to person.

What is Healthpointe 2.1

Healthpointe 2.1 is not just about weight loss. It is an optimal health and wellness program that will improve your health, your life and your lifestyle. The Program uses proven weight-loss concepts in an easy-to-follow manner. It ensures you experiences a lifestyle shift by consuming real food to aid weight-loss and weight-management. Healthpointe 2.1 has more than 30 years of clinical backing and more than 10 Million case studies to show.